The smart one.

Unsentimental, logical, traditional and Jewish, originally from Brooklyn. Her world-view: we are the product of our history and tribe. She maintains a small, manageable world, listening to opera and watching the ducks on the pond behind her house. A retired financial planner, she is the driving force behind the gals’ Woodstock Tontine.

The pretty one.

Always thinking about men and sex, she dresses very traditionally feminine and quite stylish. Originally from Boston, she has traveled all over. Though she has suffered loss in her life, she maintains an optimistic outlook. Shelley’s world-view and self-described philosophy is to embrace every opportunity (read: man) that life throws at her. In her own way, she is fearless.

The creative one.

B.J. is an African American woman who, as a child, was adopted by a Jewish family from the Bronx, NY and raised Jewish. Growing up, she was confused, not knowing how to identify herself: Am I Black? Am I Jewish? B.J.’s style is Bohemian; she paints and writes. For her, the arts offer balance and self-awareness.

World Traveler and
Moral Compass

A retired high school guidance counselor, she always wears a hat and thinks she is everyone’s moral compass, sometimes to the irritation of others, particularly Roberta. Originally from NY, she retired in North Carolina. Born Jewish, she doesn’t identify much, but considers herself a citizen of the world. Travel is her happy place. She never had children.

The German.

Although Veronika has lived in the US since 1967, she still has a slight accent and some endearing verbal miscues. She considers herself boring, but is not. Growing up in post-war Germany, the war was hardly referenced and never morally examined. When she learns more about it, she experiences belated collective guilt. Conflicted or not, as she gets older, she returns to her roots.