Rubin’s writing is intelligent, humane and witty. She has an obvious flair for humorous banter but also supplies characters with intriguing talents and quirks. Friday’s enthusiastic audience made it plain that material of this nature is wanted and needed.”                  —Roy Dicks, Raleigh News and Observer

Five mature women in The Woodstock Tontine shatter the stereotypes lazy playwrights favor. These are some of the people we’ve been waiting to meet: creative B.J., smart Roberta, vivacious Shelley, world-traveling Trudy, and Veronika, who always self-identifies as “the German.” None of these five women truly fit into the reductive ingenue-wife-crone troika that lazy playwrights have been fond of for so long.”   —Byron Woods, IndyWeek

The Woodstock Tontine takes the audience on an emotional journey of love, loss, and friendship. In theater, there are very few roles for actresses over the age of 50. There are fewer roles in which this age group leads the show or are the heroines. Rubin’s play speaks to multiple generations. ”
—Triangle Arts and Entertainment

“The Woodstock Tontine” may blend truth with fiction, but the characters revealed onstage are 100% authentic, relatable and funny.

Verlene Oates (B.J.) explains how she got her name.

Julie Oliver (Veronika) describes how her mother pedaled out of Heidelberg.